MazArt Associated Painting Partner

Thanks to Buddy Person of Careyville, TN for bringing Marion Dutton to the United States in April of 2018, many of her fans got to meet her and her very entertaining sidekick, Gary. Needless to say, we were starstruck when she first entered the room. I think our applause at first frightened and then embarrassed her. After the first half hour, we settled in to some serious painting, and she had us wrapped around her finger.

A fabulous artist and even more amazing instructor, Marion has an easygoing style, and we all just fell in love with her and her Cheshire accent! She offered two three-day Pet Portrait Workshops where she patiently taught her version of the brunaille method of underpainting with burnt umber, similar to that used by the old masters, on Day 1. Day 2 consisted of blocking in colors, and Day 3 was the glazing and final touches. Most of us in her class of about 12 or so were experienced painters, but our mouths were hanging open at the end of the third day when we saw what we had accomplished. I took both of these classes back to back and would have kept on painting if she could have stayed longer!

In June of 2018, Marion announced her MazArt Associated Painting Partner (MAPP) program. I immediately filled in the paperwork, attached all my credentials, and dispatched it on to the UK for approval. It wasn’t long before I received my official MAPP Certificate, which gives me the authorization to teach any of her projects I have purchased. However just having learned her method was the most valuable part of my association with Marion because I can apply her method to my own designs.

Marion returned to the states in October of 2018 for her Masterclass Still Life course, which involved her unique method of free-handing the initial sketch using geometric shapes and underpainting in brunaille. This was quite challenging, but once we “got it”, it was worth it. She offered two three-day Masterclasses and I took both of them. I am so pleased with both of those paintings that I have them hanging in my dining room.

In April of 2019, many of us will return to Careyville for another MazArt Pet Portrait Workshop (or two for some of us), and I am really looking forward to painting with Marion again!

Some of my paintings done in Marion’s classes